Spiralcat’s CPARE™ systems are American Made Distributed  Water Production Plants
that include  IT platforms  integrating  
wireless automation  and Conservation
methods to quantify valued resources  recoverable from wastewater and
slurries.  Each installation includes  on-board electronics that provide system  and data
monitoring, capture and reporting.
 These portable modular units recover water
resources and extract value from wastes
useful to US industries.   

CPARE™ Distributed Water Production Plants are capable of recovering
potable water  from flooded areas  while separating out contaminants as a result of
natural disasters and are ideal for water  starved areas of the United States and other

CPARE™   Distributed Water Production Plants can be applied to sanitation
wastes, animal production manures and wastewater, food processing wastes, winery,  
brewery and distillery wastes and refinery wastewater lagoons and other slurries.

Spiralcat’s CPARE™  
Distributed Water Production Plants were first designed under a
Department of Defense Research Contract to process wastes from the Expeditionary
Latrines used at military installations and forward operating bases (FOB).

New applications include the production of  Ammonia Hydrogen as well as biofuel
recovered from Hydrocarbon residues.  

Distributed Water Production Plants  support  Disaster Resilience
Programs by enabling continuity of Food , Fuel, Energy, Water  and Sanitation  
systems  required for  Disaster Preparedness
Harvesting Water while extracting value from wastes
Spiralcat Inc.

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Operational Capability:
    -NBC survivable and multi-functional latrine equipment reduces the logistical burden of
    supplying water, fuel and electrical power to the field.
    -Reduces solids to ash
    -Integrates existing  Army renewable energy & lighting systems
    -Provides reuse water (Water conservation)
    -Eliminates pathogens, reduces threat of contamination (Health)
    -Integrates real time coliform/ E. coli analyzer  developed by USDA into latrine
    -Passive survivable self contained system harvests reusable resources from waste products
    (Survivability and  Sustainability)