~TFLARE:  Transportable Field Latrine and Renewable Energy
Applications:  sewage, septic, expeditionary latrines

CPARE:  Contamination Prevention and Renewable Energy
Applications:  manure, food wastes, meat processing wastes
high moisture wastes, Animal Production Operations

Bioaerosol mitigation and carbon sequestration equipment
Applications: Sequestration /mitigation of greenhouse gas
emissions ( carbon emissions, oxides of nitrogen, oxides
of sulfur, oxides of chlorine emissions)
Bioaerosols:  including dusts, pollens, pathogens

Renewable Energy technologies equipment:
Applications:  Gasification, Pyrolysis, Anaerobic Digestion, Steam
Generation, Fuel Cell, Power Generation

Separation technologies equipment:  
Applications:  Nutrients, antibiotics, metal recovery, proteins

Petroleum Refinery Wastewater equipment:
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